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About DEKOMTE de Temple Kompensator-Technik

DEKOMTE de Temple offer innovative and quality expansion joint solutions to bring reliability of operation in the applications they are installed, whilst creating better technologies that benefit both the customer and the environment.

It is the extensive experience and technical nature of DEKOMTE that has led to the successful application of expansion joints in a wide array of industries.

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sector specific case studies

GE 7FA CCGT Power Plant

With approximately 900 installed units producing circa 150 GW of power in 12 countries, GE’s 7F gas turbine is a proven performer in all these areas.
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Mladá Boleslav Power Plant

The Mladá Boleslav cogeneration plant not only supplies energy for the 45,000 local inhabitants, but is also connected to Škoda’s largest car manufacturing facility.
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Cartagena Power Station

The Cartagena combined cycle thermal power station is a combined cycle thermoelectric station located in the Port of Escombreras, in the municipality of Cartagena, Spain
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Siemens Testing Facility

The expansion joint is installed on a SIEMENS gas turbine test bed. Each SGT 300 (7.9 MW) gas turbine is being tested prior to its release, for engine performance and any potential faults.
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Dedicated Technical Support Around The World

DEKOMTE prides itself on not just technological excellence, but also on providing value for money to its customers, through competitive pricing and long-lasting products.

DEKOMTE also values the quality and expertise of its employees, without them DEKOMTE cannot continue to be an innovative and ethical company.

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